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It could be said that the heritage of Glen Burnie United Methodist Church consists of "three small churches" plus "three buildings" of this present structure. However important the buildings, it is the people who make the church and we are forever indebted to those faithful servants of our Lord who, for over 150 years, have kept the spirit of God alive in this community.

1860 -Our church first appeared on a map. At that time, our first congregation met in a small single-room church known as Gideon Chapel Methodist Protestant Church, located on the south side of Crain Highway two miles south of our present building. Gideon Chapel was a part of the Anne Arundel Circuit of the Methodist Protestant Church. 

1891 - Gideon Chapel was moved to a different site on Crain Highway on land donated by Benson Warfield. It was then renamed Warfield Chapel Methodist Protestant Church and became a part of Marley Circuit.

1906 - The growing congregation built a new and larger one room church on the same site.

1922 - After a two year association with Nichols Memorial Church in Odenton, Warfield Chapel became self-supporting and its first full time pastor was appointed. 

1926 - The congregation relocated to a new and larger brick church at our present site on Crain Highway. This was known as Glen Burnie Methodist Protestant Church.

1939 – The church was renamed the Glen Burnie Methodist Church

1952 - Because of the growing congregation the church was enlarged with an addition on the South side of the building that almost doubled the seating capacity of the sanctuary.

1957 - The parsonage was built and is still used today.

1963 – Our radio ministry began that continues to this day.

1965 – The sanctuary and education buildings were enlarged to accommodate the growing needs of the church. 

1968 - We became the United Methodist Church through the merger of the Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren Churches.

1980 – Our ‘Bus Ministry’ was started to provide transportation to the congregation and Sunday School children.

 2001 – Our sanctuary was renovated to modernize our facilities giving it a completely new look and floor plan.

2008 – Our ‘Heart of Worship’ contemporary service was added to meet the changing praise and worship desires of the community.

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Our Pastors

The Pastors of Glen Burnie United Methodist Church

Joseph H. Lynch 1922-1923
Charles E. Dryden 1923-1927
William F. Wright 1927-1935
James A. Dudley 1935-1941
Edward T. Kirkley 1941-1962
William B. Greynolds 1962-1970
Richard T. Scholl 1970-1976
M. Robert Mulholland 1973-1976 (associate)
George W. Pferdeort 1976-1981
Girard F. Long 1976-1981 (associate)
Louis L. Emerick 1981-1985
Ronald R. Winterburg 1981-1985 (associate)
John R. Esias 1985-1988
R. Olin Herndon 1988-2000
Susan E. Duchesneau 1988-1991 (associate)
HiRoh Y. Park 1991-1996 (associate)
Matthew Hadley 1996-1998 (associate)
James M. Lucas 1998-2000 (associate)
Anthony T. Carr 2000-2004 (associate)
Kelly S. Sparks 2000-2011
EunJoung Joo 2006-2010 (associate)
Robert W. Barnes 2011-2016
Ken McDonald 2016- present


We have many opportunities to worship, learn and fellowship. Come be part of our rich history!


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